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Care Here.

For patients with complex medical, rehabilitation and chronic health care needs, re-hospitalizations can be upsetting and uncomfortable. They can also lead to increased risks of future medical complications. 

CARE HERE is a proprietary program developed to reduce re-hospitalizations and help our referral partners manage costs.

Comprehensive Approach to Avoid RE-Hospitalization Through Effective Resident Evaluation and Intervention

CARE HERE provides a combination of several clinical programs:

  1. Risk Identification and Intervention – Identifyingan individual’s risk for re-hospitalization and implementing a plan to manage the risk through increased monitoring and assessments
  2. Prevention - Preventing conditions from becoming severe enough to require hospitalization through application of evidence-based care management guidelines for high risk chronic conditions such as Heart Failure, COPD, and Diabetes
  3. Change in Condition Management - Identifying early change in conditions and initiation of intervention and management.

This three-pronged approach is proactive, expanding beyond identifying early changes in condition and addresses the underlying factors that may lead to the change in condition. 

With all three programs, Reliant Senior Care has in place a comprehensive approach to avoiding re-hospitalization, and instead, providing CARE HERE.